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How I Can Help You

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Avoid Making Mistakes With Long Term Impact

Divorce is a process that can overwhelm your life. Decisions made during this period can result in serious mistakes that could have long-term consequences for everyone involved. I help clients make decisions consistent with who they are when they are at their best, that are connected to their values, and which support a vision for their future. 

Save Time & Money

A divorce coach can help you engage with other divorce professionals more efficiently. An attorney is an important professional to have on your divorce team, but expecting your lawyer to play the role of counselor, therapist and thinking partner for all concerns outside your legal rights and responsibilities is not an expectation all lawyers will want or be willing to fulfill. While some attorneys may enjoy or tolerate the expectation of "full-service" support, legal fees can quickly skyrocket if you call your lawyer every time you find yourself in the slightest predicament or in need of emotional support. A coach can help you manage your emotions, get focused, organized and become more knowledgeable about the divorce process. My mission as your coach is to ensure that you show up for each meeting with your attorney prepared to be an efficient and effective client - saving you both time and money.  

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Get Connected With The Right Professionals

Many think of divorce as a singular legal event, but it is a complex process that affects just about every aspect of your life and can quickly leave you feeling as though your entire world has been flipped upside down. While there may be similarities between divorces, each situation is unique in it's own way and should be managed as such.    ​Luckily, there are many different types of divorce professionals available who can help you navigate each part of the divorce process. I can help you understand the options available to you so that you can make an informed and strategic plan for the road ahead. As your coach, I can connect you with lawyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, certified divorce financial analysts, mediators, even matchmakers! Whatever your situation, or however far along in the process you are, we will work together to ensure your divorce team suits your individual needs, goals and budget. 

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Co-Parenting Support

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for both children and their parents. While divorce always affects children, the greatest damage is caused when their parents do not get along sufficiently well to provide safe, stable living environments. I help parents move past their resentment, overcome their fears, communicate effectively and establish boundaries so that they can work towards a healthy co-parenting relationship, focus on the best interests of their children and protect them from getting caught in the middle of conflict.