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I'm so glad you're here. Join my support group, learn more about divorce and co-parent coaching, listen to my podcast, access free resources and more below!

Work With Me

Book a 30 minute coaching consultation to determine the level of support that best suits your needs & goals.

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Learn more about how I can support you during separation, divorce and through all of the challenges that come with raising children in two homes.

Split. The After Ever After Podcast

Co-hosted by Family Law Mediator Jennifer Sanders and Certified Divorce Coach Ashley Wood. Featuring guests, Q&A, tips, and updated info on all things separation, divorce, conflict resolution and co-parenting. Whether you’re newly separated or divorced and co-parenting, listen now for tips and advice on how to build a foundation for a more peaceful future.


My Ebook

This 100 page workbook will help you understand what your children need (based on their age and stage of development), how to reduce conflict with your former partner, and practical things that you can do to support your children’s growth and resilience.

Get organized and informed with tools, free checklists, book recommendations and more!


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